If you own, run, or advertise a business, you confront a variety of issues, including acquiring consumers, increasing sales, demonstrating a return on investment (ROI), managing marketing, achieving outcomes, and making the most of your time. You must also manage your website, which is an important component of the image. We can make your life easier by assisting you in developing an efficient online marketing plan and navigating the complexities of the digital marketing environment. Take a look at our site and contact us if you have any questions.

Come to TK MarTech. The reason is simple. Because TK MarTech is a Marketing & Technology Consulting Agency, specializing in Web development, Nail Management Software , Email Marketing, and Marketing Strategy for small and mid-sized businesses, and partnership marketing for large businesses.

We also give chances for other partners doing online business with our projects. Founded in 2017, TK MARTECH has built its reputation on delivering innovative web-based solutions that focus on achieving unique results to each client.

We are professional, accountable to our customer’s websites to operate and use websites. We are committed to bring you a website in all aspects standards, the most optimal cost.

  • 250+ more beautiful web templates, complete Professions to choose
  • Standard web SEO structure, fast loading speed, easy to top Google
  • Rich application store, easily upgrade your website when you need it
  • Reasonable cost, high security web, warranty throughout use
  • Sever is backed up daily, no need to worry about losing data
  • Technical team is available 24/7 support all website issues

Beside we do website builder and marketing services, we also offer Email Marketing platforms for medium and large businesses, and Nail Management Software for Nail salon businesses.

If you want to reach out to us, please feel free to contact at 236-788-7799 (WhatsApp).

Priced with small businesses in mind – Website service

Commitment to the price & quality of service BEFORE and AFTER designing the best website on the market.


$350/life-time All-inclusive package, no costs incurred, customers will immediately have 01 standard SEO website.
Website design package for individuals, new start-ups, wishing to have a website to add to their company profile. TK Martech supports 50% discount on Logo design for customers in needs
Time to complete 1 - 5 days
Up to 4 custom-design
Free domain .com | .net: No
Business Email: No
Language: 1 language
Website Interface: Select Templates
Banno design: 1
Handover Source Code: No
Responsive: Display PC / Tablet / Phone
Facebook Chat: Yes
Social media connection: Yes
Google Maps Gift: No
Install google analytics: No
Donate SSL website security
Free Storage capacity: 2GB
Support 100% content input
SEO standard 100%
Professional website functionality
Unlimited revisions during setup
Warranty during use
Technical support 24/7/365 Free
Place the design
$1500/lifetime High-end web design package, TK MarTech advises on exclusive features, interfaces, and effective business solutions on the website.
once pay as required
Time to complete 7 - 15 ngày
Design interface on request
Free domain .com | .net
Up to 10 custom-designed pages
Business Email: Yes up to 5 emails
Language: multi languages
Handover Source Code: Yes
Responsive: Display PC / Tablet / Phone
Facebook Chat bot: Yes
Set up Social business pages: 3 posts
Set up Google My Business Map: Yes
Install google analytics: Yes
Donate SSL website security
Free Hosting 2000 MB
Support 100% content input
SEO optimization 100%
Advanced website functionality
Hand over the full Source code
Provide documentation
Unlimited ongoing revisions
Warranty during use
Technical support 24/7/365 Free
Place the design

You still have not found a satisfactory website interface?
You can tell us which website you want. We will select or tailor, customize the model, demos, redesign that is right for you.

Check out some sites we’ve customized for small businesses

You have no idea about the interface? No need to worry, we’ve selected hundreds of unique themes to choose from!



Do not stop at professional website design, we bring the tools for customers to sell online and develop the brand most effectively. The success of our customers is also our success!

Website Interface Demos See Another Soloution



I have succeeded in changing the business model. Thanks to TK MarTech, I gained the source of passive clients who contacted my service themselves. Sincere thanks.

Zi Dan / Web designer

So far, my office has operated the traditional way. I feel blessed to meet you. People who open source let me know how to leverage information technology. Great, excellent, wonderfull !

Thuy / Ford Can Tho
tk martech guarantee

Thanks to TK MarTech for introducing me to an excellent business solution. Now every month I always have a stable number of customers actively ordering services from the website. / SEO
tk martech commitment

I feel very satisfied with the service and special technical support team. All requests are supplemented or assisted during use to be processed quickly and professionally. / CEO