Basic Requirements Of Professional Sales Website

Professional website design

Basic Requirements That A Cheap Professional Sales Website Needs

Set of Important Functions of Online Sales Website:

Product review function

92% of shoppers read product reviews from other users and make purchasing decisions from here. Product reviews are the basis for customers to know whether they should buy that product or not. Showing star reviews or comments from users is an indispensable element in an e-commerce website.

Show the latest promotions and offers

Most of today’s e-commerce sites are using special offers or latest offers in fixed locations such as the header, menu bar or slider that runs across the top or bottom. Page for customers to view and refer to, promotions, offers related to the product they are looking for.

Advanced product search and filter function

With a large number of products from e-commerce websites, customers often have the need to filter out the list of products they need. And if your commercial website wants to satisfy this desire, you must definitely optimize the product filter.
Some large e-commerce websites in Vietnam now have integrated high-quality search filters such as filter by price, filter by rating, popularity, product material, size, etc. better experience and higher rating of your website.
dich vu thiet ke website gia re

Cheap website design service

Purchase contact page

If your store or company has offline stores, don’t forget to add a detailed store list to your website with a complete and detailed navigation map system. When buyers have a need to contact or want to visit the store in person, 75% of them have already made a purchase decision, so make sure this step goes as smoothly and easily as possible!

Show related products

In order for customers to consult more and increase the ability to buy more products, an e-commerce website cannot lack the function of displaying more products, reference products, other products that customers also buy…

Advanced payment options

While Apple Pay and PayPal dominate, diverse and advanced payment options are a must in an e-commerce website. For customers who need to pay online, you should create the best conditions for them.

Cart function, favorite product list

It will be more effective in business if your website gives customers the option to add products to the cart, create a list of favorite products. And whether customers buy right away or not, they also have a good experience on your website and will definitely come back next time.

Beautiful Business Website Interface Template, Standard Seo

The theme of the interface templates business website design is very rich. Not to mention:   phone website design clothing website design , cosmetics sales website design,   professional cheap online sales website design, document selling website design,   bus ticketing website design, … Here are some beautiful, standard SEO website templates.

Website template to introduce Phone products

Website template to introduce Phone products designed by TK MarTech to sell technology equipment, phones, and electronics that are of interest to many businesses.


Thiết kế website Điện máy

Cheap website design service

Outstanding advantages:
Responsive design interface helps your website display on all search engines as well as laptop, desktop, phone, and tablet screens.
With a simple, easy-to-use interface, suitable for all items, helping your products stand out in the market and attract potential customers.
Fully integrated with simple and secure selling features, making shopping easier for customers with simple steps.

Template Sales WebProfessional Babyshop

Professional sales website template with mother and baby supplies, here you can buy all kinds of mother and baby supplies when needed. The website allows you to order products online, quickly and conveniently, giving you a smarter and more convenient experience with just a few clicks.

Thiết kế website Baby

Outstanding advantages:
Professional sales website template, modern web design with many search functions to make your buying process easier.
The interface is designed to be eye-catching and luxurious to help reach the best customers. The website is always designed with SEO standards, friendly with search engines to help your keywords to the top quickly.
There are full sales functions, making it easier for customers to order and purchase. When an order is placed, there will be an email notification, you just need to call to confirm the order and delivery.
Website integrates many professional functions: service introduction, product introduction, sales, …
Website Speed Fast, Stable, High Security

Benefits of a quality website for businesses

Increase customer trust

You can increase customer trust and satisfaction with a website with extremely fast access speed.

Management cost savings

In addition, the unlimited information storage will help you save the most effective maintenance costs. TK MarrTech will process the code properly, minimizing redundant data or code to speed up your website, giving you a strong website platform, stable operation, outstanding access speed , secure security.
thiết kế website bán hàng online gia re
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Based on the evolution of HTML5 and CSS3 standards, it has become easier to design a mobile-friendly website. Today, the source code also provides many ways for programmers to know from which device the website is accessed, thereby easily designing the website to suit the visitor’s device. It is not difficult for you to see the benefits that this design brings, which are:
  • Make your website look good on all devices.
  • No more inconvenience and difficulty when you have to zoom to read web content like on a computer
  • Help the website interact better with users.
  • Attract customers to your website.
  • Being rated by Google as a friendly website for all devices, thereby increasing the ranking of your website when searching on Google.

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