You are now looking for new ways can increase your income without working from 9am to 5pm in your company?

You do not have to work for us but you can earn up to 1000$ per month and more

Do you believe ???

Welcome to TK MarTech!


TK MarTech will show you how to do it?

  • If you are web developers
  • If you are digital marketers
  • If you are free lancers
  • If you are designers
  • If you are design company
  • If you are a company which offers establish company services
  • If you are employed by other firms

No matter who you are, you still can earn money when you become our resellers

You can earn income by doing 2 methods:

First method, referring potential customers who want to own a website to us. You will get referral fees or commission from us at least 20% of total customers’ payments after website projects finish within a week. Earn income by making sales to new and existing customers, from the ongoing usage of the tools, and by even having your own resellers.

You just give us customers’ contact such as phone number or emails, then we will contact your customers shortly.

Second method, running your own online business by our support. In other words, resell our services.

You can imagine, you want do online business.

Do you ask yourself what services, products you sell online or offer customers online?

TK MarTech give you a chance to do business online – website design business online. You will own website design company by investing 1500$, then you can do business and earn money more than you invested.

Here is your opportunity to own your own website development and Internet marketing franchise, all without having to know how to build a website.

Why you need to have exactly website like us

Because you can resell websites to your customers without website design skills and customers can choose available websites from your templates which we support you, then your customers can admin their website and post articles and custom by themselves or our staff can help your customers do it.

Proven Model TK MARTECH is your opportunity to own your own web empire.

  • Rewarding Business Help your customers get real results.
  • No technical skills You don’t build any technology we do it all for you.
  • Residual Income Create an ongoing revenue stream in your business.

You don’t need to know how to build a website to be a TK MARTECH system. Our expert team does that for you. However, you do need to understand the internet, how websites work, and be up-to-date with trends and technology.


We provide extensive initial and ongoing training on the medium and our products, but without that basic knowledge, you will find it difficult to deliver your clients the level of service and expertise we require. However, you can

It is worth for you to invest $1500 for your future business?

What you get?

  • Free business website to promote your services like us (you can create or modify your own service, make up price, own logo, etc.
  • Training and directing your business
  • Support consultation for your clients at first
  • Gain business skills from our expert
  • Update technology and marketing and business knowledge all the time
  • Earn extra income and freedom.
  • Its easier than ever to create a website through your laptop, desktop. Create, update and manage your website on your own in an easy, hassle free way. No technical skills needed.

Therefore, you can run your website business online, you can earn money by introducing your website development services to your customers and if they buy a website, you will have money and we do not charge you any extra cost when your customers buy a website. You totally get 100% your customer payments.


Right now, you just need to invest $1500 once to become our website system, no hide fees,  every year if you maintain your business, you just pay domain name around 20$-50$ per year depend on your domain .com .ca 


If you still do not understand the ways you can earn money, please feel free to ask us at 236-788-7799 (Whatsapp) or email us