Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Website

Sometimes your website just needs a refresh. Incorporating a design trend or two can make the design look cleaner, more modern and drive engagement.

Luckily, staying on trend is pretty easy with Weebly. From sharp templates for a professional look, to tweaking the visuals in the Editor, everything you need for a modern website design can be found in one place.

But where do you start? Here are five ideas that will keep your website looking fresh.

1. Bright Color and Gradients

Bold, bright colors are one of the most popular – and happiest – web design trends of 2019.

You don’t have to be afraid to use yellows, greens, pinks and blues with a lot of color saturation. Consider bright color backgrounds as an accent or for user interface elements to draw in customers and establish an emotional connection.

In addition to single colors that are bright, gradients are another way to use bright color for maximum impact. A color gradient overlay on an image can provide just the right canvas to add text or another call to action.

Top tip: You can do with with any Weebly website right from the Editor. Use the color picker to choose a bright background color or use one of the many different image filter options to add a pop to your photos. These tools are available from your Dashboard; just open the editor and edit the image or background.


Try this theme: Venue

2. Fixed or Mobile Navigation Elements

Make sure users always have access to navigation elements with fixed placements that stay at the top or on the side of the screen as users scroll. Having navigation always available makes it easy for website visitors to move around the design and find elements if they get lost.

One of the most popular uses of fixed navigation is to use a “mobile” style for all device types. This is often a simple, thin navigation element across the top of the screen that contains a logo or branding and a simple icon that expands to full navigation.

This style of element can give you a larger canvas area for the main messaging and has a clean, streamlined look. And while navigation isn’t always open, most website visitors or online shoppers are used to this navigation pattern because it is the standard for most mobile websites.

Top tip: Look for fixed navigation elements when choosing a Weebly theme to make this process a breeze.


Try this theme: Paper

3. Motion and Animation

Video and animated effects are some of the most engaging elements you can add to a website design. Users are attracted to moving objects and will often stop and watch to see what happens when there is motion on the screen.

One of the best places to start is to add a video to your website. Whether it is a full-screen hero image or a video on a specific page that shows a product or information, adding a video is simple. You can upload a video directly or embed elements from popular platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Top tip: Did you know you can animate small elements as well? Text animations can add emphasis to a certain word or even your company name. Try the free Text Animation App in the App Center to add motion to your website design with a few clicks.


Try this theme: Birdseye 2

4. Plenty of White Space

You may feel the need to get everything on the screen, but opening up your website design with plenty of white (or light colored) space can actually be more user-friendly.

A clean, organized design will almost always be easier for users to understand. Incorporate space into the overall plan by using a template with an open style. (This can help you even if you feel the need to start stuffing the design with elements.)

Top tip: Balance space and elements such as photos and text so that there’s a distinct visual pattern that helps users move from one thing to the next. Don’t be afraid to put elements below the scroll – it’ll be necessary in a design with more white space.


Try this theme: Clean Lines

5. Modular Layouts

A modular layout creates a system of smaller blocks that you can move, mix and match. (Think of it like building blocks or bricks.)

Modular layouts often require more of a redesign, but can provide great flexibility with a variety of content types. And with a Weebly theme, featuring a modular style, it isn’t that hard to get started.

Top tip: A modular layout is often best for designs that have a lot of content – think eCommerce or a portfolio – so that users can see a variety of things at once. Pair modular elements with plenty of white space for a clean design that pairs two trends in one!


Try this theme: Cento or Brisk


The great thing about many of these design trends is that they don’t involve a complete redesign of your website. You can change color or add a video without a complete overhaul.

Sometimes a simple change can be just the thing to refresh your online presence. (And thankfully, Weebly templates provide a perfect starting point, while the Editor provides an easy way to make changes.)

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