Earn More Customers with These Must-Have Online Store Features

Online shoppers have high expectations when it comes to eCommerce websites. Every business from large to small must have a few key features to attract shoppers and help them sell items online.

Here are five elements that visitors expect of all eCommerce websites in 2018. If you are missing any of these features, now is the time to fix that and grow your website visits (and hopefully sales) through the end of the year.

1. Blog

A blog is an easy way to create content that connects your small business to a wide audience. Use a blog to provide information about your product or service, share related tips or even feature customer stories.

Create a mix of short and long content with different focus areas. While the blog is an indirect selling tool, don’t use it to pitch to potential customers. By providing valuable information, you can draw in users (as well as new customers) and help them better understand why they should do business with you. Blogs are a powerful tool for building trust and credibility.

Weebly customers can add a blog in just a few minutes with easy to use drag and drop tools. Plus every blog comes with plenty of templates to jumpstart the design, powerful built-in SEO tools as well as RSS and social sharing features.

2. Email Signup

Email communication is essential for any online businesses. Sending emails can alert shoppers to new items, blog content or generate interest in a new product or service.

But you have to start collecting emails first. Include email signup forms in various locations throughout your website design so that it’s easy for users to engage with you.

Add an email signup in the footer (so it is always available), include a signup email call to action in a main content area and use popups to ask for email addresses. Just remember that customers value their email addresses and privacy. Be up front about how you will use the information and offer a discount in exchange for an email address to encourage more signups.

Weebly Promote integrates email marketing tools – from signup to an email builder and reports – right in your account.

3. Social Proof

Who is using your product or service? What do they think about it?

Create buzz with case studies, testimonials and social proof that all feeds right into your website design.

  • Create a case study: Highlight real customers on your blog with photos of them using the product and explaining how it works.
  • Add customer ratings or reviews: Use the Reviews app in the app center to collect reviews and sends emails to customers asking for product reviews. Plus, you can look over and approve reviews before they post.
  • Testimonials: Let people who have interacted with your business tell their story. From simple text or quote-style testimonials to videos, the Testimonial Builder app will help you generate this content with ease.
  • Integrate social media: Encourage users to share photos of themselves with your product on social media and integrate these posts into your website design. Add the InstaLink app to display Instagram posts by account or hashtag.

4. Video

There’s nothing like video to create engagement and generate interest in your products. Video is one of the fastest growing digital tools (thanks to better internet connectivity and connection speeds).

Video is a tangible, trusted and real way to show customers what you are selling online. It feels authentic and can give users a better idea of what a product is or does.

It’s also highly engaging. A video can actually encourage visitors to stay on your website longer as they watch the movement on the screen before taking another action. And we all know that the longer a website visitor engages with your website, the better the chances are that they make a purchase.

Weebly users have choices when it comes to adding video to their websites. You can embed video content from services such as YouTube or Vimeo or host it yourself.

5. Mobile Functionality

Don’t ignore mobile shoppers.

The mobile shopping experience should be as easy to use as the desktop version. Make sure your website is built on a responsive framework so that every element of the design works seamlessly from device to device.

All Weebly themes are made with responsiveness in mind. You can even preview the mobile version right from the dashboard as you build, customize and make other changes to your website. (Plus, Weebly’s tools include drag and drop mobile web design so it’s easy to create.)


When creating a small business website, it is important to include features that users demand — from blogs to video to testimonials. All of these elements are easy to implement with Weebly. Get started today.

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