Fashion website leading the global trend in 2022

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In the coming 2022, the  Fashion  market on e-commerce platforms is predicted to grow by over 50%, accounting for nearly 20% of total online retail purchases. This will certainly be a very potential market, if you know how to make your business more attractive than your competitors and the simplest way is to own a professional Fashion Website .
In this article, TK MarTech will summarize the TOP 5 Fashion Websites that are leading the global trend, in order to bring inspiration as well as unique Website design ideas for your business.

Top 5 Fashion Websites leading the trend

1. Dior

Despite being such a famous brand, Dior’s website is impressively minimalistic. With fluid fonts, they stick to the black and white color palette with vivid images of their models and products to make them really stand out.
Since they have a wide range of products for different audiences, they separate their more detailed category navigation into six generic drop-down options that are easy to find in the title bar and even include an image concise action.
As a luxury brand, Dior is particularly experienced in differentiating what men and women care about in their products, providing luxurious color images such as lipsticks and fragrances for women, with Black and white image advertising sportswear and leather jackets for men.

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2. Valentino

Valentino is one of the world’s leading high-end fashion brands, so the interface of the Website is also meticulously elaborated, exuding a luxurious and attractive look. Similar to other websites, at the banner, Valentino will present featured images of products and collections.
It can be seen that the common point of websites from famous brands is that they choose a simple layout, arrange and provide clear content, focus on image elements, so the image size of the product is in the range. medium to large.

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3. Zara

The clothing store Zara in Spain doesn’t need to go to great lengths to introduce the brand to many shoppers, but they still have a distinct online presence worth checking out.
The homepage of this website is surprisingly minimal, with just a few stylized banner images that rotate on a slider in the center of the page and their store and shopping category icons on the left side of the page.
It’s all intentional: the specific and uniform size of the banner images and their font selection look exactly like a magazine cover. Even their product pages are the same, presenting product categories in grid-like blocks, for a consistent feel like you’re flipping through a design magazine from years ago.
Each photo is unique and represents how they want you to feel about what is being viewed individually rather than presenting products from identical angles and distances.

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4. Verge Girl

Verge Girl is an online fashion store for women with bold and bold style and attitude. This e-commerce site sells items such as dresses, jeans, jackets and accessories by Australian and international designers.

Each product page will display the following elements:

  • Many high-quality images feature models wearing products in various poses.
  • Product Description.
  • Size guide.
  • An Afterpay option allows you to pay for your purchases in installments.

In addition, shoppers can also read articles on the e-commerce site’s fashion blog.

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This brand is for teenagers, for young girls who are encouraged to be themselves. The Belgian designer behind the company offers pieces that are fun, comfortable and suitable for teenagers’ lifestyles.
The website interface is designed with a modern design, the font is simple but no less disruptive, very suitable to attract the attention of the teenage customer segment. If your business is selling products similar to this brand, then refer to this design template will give you ideas to develop the website in the right direction.

TK MARTECH  hope that the above article has helped you to know more useful knowledge and if you are in need of building a Website suitable for your brand, but still have not found the most optimal solution, please Contact TK MARTECH today for a free consultation!


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