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Email Marketing Pro for BEGINNERS – Build a Pro Email in 59 minutes Course


  • What is Email Marketing?
  • How to use Email Marketing for sales?
  • How to develop email messages to create curiosity and stimulate purchase?
  • What techniques to plan Email Marketing step by step?
  • How to develop sales tricks, make Landing Page, headline headlines in Email?
  • How to Optimize Email Marketing?
  • How to send bulk emails or massive emails at once

This is the course for You

It’s a free course for anyone who want to learn email marketing and become certified email marketer and get email certificate. 

Once you register, you will receive free materials, pdf files, videos to learn by yourself, self-pace learning

Also, you can practice email marketing application here

Moreover, you can ask expert for help but cost 60$/hour

What will you learn

  • Build a professional emails for your small business with TK Email Marketing Application.
  • It is completely possible to stand up for yourself, start an Online business right away
  • Thorough understanding of the principles leading to successful Email Marketing
  • Know how to create attractive titles and messages to increase Mail open rates
  • Use and be professional with techniques in Email Marketing
  • Make a professional Email Marketing plan for the campaign
  • Increase sales with Email Marketing
  • Avoid sending spam email, mail to inbox increase and, open rate increase
Course content
Everything about email marketing for beginners and masters!
Course detail see below
Course Fee
0$ for online course
60$ for live course
Course length
1-2 hours
Learn online 1-2 hours
Email Marketing course

What is Email Marketing?

The use of email within your marketing efforts to promote a business’s products and services, as well as incentivize customer loyalty. Email marketing is a form of marketing that can make the customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts, and other services.!


Step 1

You can become a referrals, email to register email course

Learn more how to become agency here

Step 2

Share this course to 10 people, post social media via Face

Like TK fanpage, Subcribe TK youtube

Step 3

Pay 0$ to learn online course, you will receive materials, resources, pdf files, video links to study email marketing

or 60$ to learn live course to practice email apps


How does the study time online look like? I missed the lesson, can I retake it?

Hi, this is an online course with no time limit or class schedule like at the Center. Your learning system is always open 24h/24h, you can come in anytime to learn. If you are busy, the lesson will be saved and you will be able to learn it the next time you go to class. The learning system will save your learning process for evaluation, so you should arrange a specific study schedule for yourself to achieve the best results! Also, live lessons whenever you want to learn, we can schedule you with instructors to learn.

I only have a phone, can I study?

The course is connected to all devices with internet. As long as you have a computer, phone or tablet, you are already in. However, better and effective to practice, you should use a laptop or a computer to design a website.

When I study, if I don't understand, can anyone guide me?

You can rest assured during the learning process if there is a part you do not understand, you can completely discuss with the lecturer in the discussion box to get the lecturer’s answer.

Once I have registered, how do I start studying?

If you pay online, send us email to confirm payment for this course. You will receive a learning code with instructions via Email and start studying immediately, and get an additional 10% discount on tuition fees!

Can I get a certificate after completing my studies?

You wiill has a certificate of completion for you when you complete 100% of the course. Every time you enter the system, the system will measure and calculate the % of completing her course. When you finish learning all the knowledge will be certified as a pdf file on your account! I can use this certificate to attach my CV when you apply for a job!

Can I learn if I'm not good at computers and don't know how to code?

Those who don’t know how to code will use WordPress using the built-in features, rich theme library and support plugins that are enough to make a beautiful and fully functional website. Of course, if you know more programming, it will be an advantage.

Can We Manage Our Email Marketing account on TK Marketing Email Application website?

Of Course, You Can Manage Your accounts and campaigns Anytime From Anywhere.

If you have any questions about the website design course, please send us email to ask.