How a Scented-Wax Retailer Increased Sales 87% with Refreshed Product Photos

According to Weebly data, 75% of people rate photos as very influential when they’re deciding whether they want to buy a product online.*

For many eCommerce shoppers, a clear product photo really is worth a thousand words. “If I can’t see it, I cannot make a decision about it,” says one respondent. With nearly eight out of ten shoppers expecting to find photos on a website’s product pages, and 79% expecting to find product photos from multiple angles, the importance of having professional looking product photos to establish trust with potential buyers couldn’t be clearer.

With this in mind, we set out to put product photography to the test with a real-life Weebly seller: Jennifer, founder of L3 Waxy Wonders.

Jennifer makes more than 750 varieties of scented wax, selling them on her Weebly website builder and in her retail location in Junction City, Oregon. She was receiving a lot of traffic to her website, but her visitors just weren’t converting.

Jennifer sent Weebly Photo Studio eight of her products for our professional photographers to shoot. Here’s what happened next.

L3 Waxy Wonder’s product photo before:


L3 Waxy Wonder’s product photo after:


We had our professional photographers shoot Jennifer’s selected products and less than two weeks later, sent back her items and shared a digital drive of her refreshed product photography.

Jennifer uploaded her new product photos and soon saw tremendous results:

  • Average increase in sales of 87%
  • Increase in sitewide conversion rate from 1% to 1.25%
  • Sales for her scoopable waxes went from zero in 13 months to 81 sales in 30 days

With relatively minimal effort and time, Jennifer was able to give her business a major boost. By allowing Weebly Photo Studio to take care of her product photography, Jennifer was able to free up more time to focus on what she excels at.

“I’m good at making scented wax. I’m not good at taking photos or designing a website or anything like that. I used to take my products and shoot them with my phone camera on some construction paper,” Jennifer says.

Blurry, discolored, or tiny images make shoppers feel uneasy about pressing that buy button, especially when dealing with shops they’ve never heard of before. Weebly Photo Studio can help you showcase your products in the right way, so you can boost your sales and reinvest your time in what matters most.

For more ways to refresh your business in 2019, check out our resolutions that will propel your online store to new heights.

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