How to Make Money Online with These eCommerce Tools

When you’re a creative entrepreneur, you’re either working full-time and pursuing a hobby you love on the side, or you’ve jumped into the full-time entrepreneur world and found that it really fits your personality. Whether you’re full-time or part-time, you have talents that should be shared with others. But first, you have to reach those people. That’s where having an online store can help. By utilizing Weebly’s and Square’s eCommerce tools, you can reach potential customers online and enjoy even more success doing what you love.

Bringing Your Side Hustle Online Can Make Your Dreams a Reality

About 20 to 30% of the working-age population in Europe and the U.S. engage in some kind of independent work, McKinsey & Company reports.

Realizing your dreams through your “side hustle” can bring a lot of new opportunities into your life. To be successful, you need an “always on” income generator, a way to reach more people outside your immediate network — that’s where a professional website comes in and gives you the ability to work from anywhere.

An online store is vital if you want to increase your reach and sales. In fact, over 80% of consumers have said they’re motivated to shop at a business if it has an easy-to-use website, Square reports.

Weebly’s online stores are easy to set up and very customizable. Here’s a look at some of the eCommerce tools and techniques that can help turn your hobby into a real income generator:

Uploading Product Images

Quality photos are vital to selling products or services online. In fact, 67% of consumers believe that quality images are “very important” when shopping online, and consumers are 40 times more likely to share content on social media if features an image, Ad Rank reports.

Weebly makes it easy to upload product images. If you’re adding a physical product, just go to Store > Products and click on “Add Product.” At this point you can do all the basics, like adding the title, description, price and image. The process is similar for adding photos for digital products.

If you’re concerned about your ability to take high-quality photos, you can use Photo Studio. For a small fee, Photo Studio will take three professional photos of each of the products that you send in.

Requesting Product Reviews

Getting product reviews on your site is a great way to increase trust and sales. About 85% of consumers say they trust online reviews about as much as they trust referrals from a personal friend, according to BrightLocal. But it takes about four positive reviews (or more) to lead a consumer to trust a business. And 93% of customers say that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions, The Drum reports.

This means that you need those positive reviews – and you need a lot of them. If you get a negative review, don’t panic. Just respond online and try to fix the situation with outstanding customer service. If you do, they’ll come back and leave an updated positive review later, Forbes suggests.

But how do you get those reviews? Luckily for you, requesting product reviews on Weebly is simple if you have the Business Plan or above. Just go to your dashboard and choose Store > Products > Reviews. Choose your timeframe and customize the email.

Using Sale Badges

Sale badges are another secret weapon for improving your side hustle. These are essentially just graphics or text on your website that call attention to a specific promotion or product. According to Monetate, online stores that use product badges increase conversion rates by 55%.

To create these badges, just go to Products on your dashboard and then choose to Add or Edit Product. Add a Sale price, and an icon or badge will appear indicating that the item is on sale. This is available for the Starter Plan or above.

And More

These aren’t the only eCommerce tools that Weebly and Square offers to enhance your side hustle. You can create custom pay links, create custom gift cards, offer coupons or host a contest to attract new visitors. There are numerous creative ideas available to you.

Flexibility and freedom are so important when you’re a creative entrepreneur with a side hustle. Weebly’s eCommerce options can help your side business find new customers, grow and thrive.

Get your side hustle online and growing in no time. Weebly’s quick and intuitive website editor can get your store up-and-running quickly. Run your business anytime, anywhere with Weebly. Sign up and start selling today.

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