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TK MarTech is a Marketing & Technology Consulting Agency, specializing in Web development, Nail Management Software , Email Marketing, and Marketing Strategy for small and mid-sized businesses, and partnership marketing for large businesses.

We are looking for talented members like website developers, digital marketers to join our team

Why you join TK Marketing & Technology?

Plentiful Career Opportunities
One of the largest IT Tech firm in Canada
Countless learning opportunities
Lots of career development opportunities
Opportunities for new Canadians

Work life balance

Work-Life Happy

Flexible work schedule
Pay for performance
Safe and fair work environment
People oriented culture
Inclusive big family
Unique benefits

Job Openings

HR Recruiter

Website developer

Digital marketing specialist

Content Creator

Google Advertising special

WordPress builder

Internship in WordPress Website development & Content Posting

Website service Affiliate Program

We also give chances for other partners doing online business with our projects and affiliate with other website services.

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We are professional, accountable to our customer’s websites to operate and use websites and develop online business

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Do not stop at professional website design, we bring the tools for customers to sell online and develop the brand most effectively. The success of our customers is also our success!

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