The Rise of Small Business: How Your Online Store Can Compete with Mega Retailers

If you are a newcomer to online selling, you may be overwhelmed by all the professional, mega retailers out there. How can you compete with those polished online stores that have huge budgets to spend on developers and eCommerce? The answer is that you can compete, as long as you don’t let intimidation and self-doubt get in the way.

You may be surprised to learn that your online store doesn’t need a huge budget to compete with mega retailers. In fact, with the right strategy, your small business’s online store can hold its own against larger retail sites. It all has to do with your approach and the tools at your disposal. Luckily for you, Weebly offers sophisticated tools for small businesses that ensure they can compete.

Email Campaigns

Weebly’s marketing features help you go toe-to-toe with mega retailers. Weebly Promote offers pre-designed email templates for everything from newsletters to events and product announcements. And these templates are every bit as sophisticated looking as a mega retailer’s. And the even better news? With templates and a drag-and-drop email builder, you don’t need a high-paid developer to create your campaigns. You can create them yourself.

But Weebly Promote offers even more than email campaign builders. You can manage your contacts like a pro by syncing your campaigns with membership groups and even order forms. You won’t miss anyone who’s interested in learning more about your business. After you send out your emails, you can view detailed analytics about the delivery rates and open rates, helping you fine tune your approach and get a better response with each iteration.

Other Marketing Features

But top-notch marketing doesn’t stop with email campaigns; in fact, that’s just the beginning. You can also use tools that help you create online coupons to drive sales. In fact, all Business and Performance plans come with a coupon builder that integrates seamlessly with your shopping cart and your email marketing program. Your competitors are offering coupons, so why shouldn’t you?

You can also drive interest to your website with online contests and polls, just like the big retailers do. Weebly offers a variety of apps that make it easy to integrate contests and polls into your website. Polls can bring out the competitive spirit in your website visitors, which might encourage them to visit more frequently. And contests can drive engagement by letting people share with their friends in order to gain more entries.

If you make the prize a gift card that can be used in your online store, you’ll drive up engagement even more.

Payment Options

Weebly offers payment options that make it easy for people to buy products from your online store. No one wants to feel frustrated when they’re checking out. With Weebly’s tools, checking out from your store can be just as smooth as paying a larger retailer.

One of these tools is Square+Weebly, which lets you accept payments online and in person.

Inventory Management

Weebly’s paid plans include an order management system that lets an online shop manage everything from just a few products to hundreds. This allows your shop to expand over time without experiencing major growing pains.

Your Weebly tools can also let you show customers just how many items you still have in stock, which can create a sense of urgency and boost sales. And you can manage your orders like any professional, updating an order’s status from fulfillment to delivery and monitoring the process in real time.

Keep It Simple

A strategy of simplicity can also help you compete with bigger retailers. In fact, that’s how Google started out, and their winning approach still works today. Sometimes less is more. Rather than inundating your visitors with millions of options, focus on the most important features and products that truly communicate the mission of your business. Simplicity can also mean faster load times and increased user satisfaction, which is an important part of competing in the big leagues. Remember: more choices aren’t always better choices. Sometimes, quality through simplicity should be your goal.

Small business owners really can compete with mega retailers, even on a smaller budget. All you need is a little knowledge about the Weebly tools available to you and a dose of creativity.

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